According to an ESPN report, Carmelo Anthony isn’t the only Denver Nugget. Apparently the Nuggets have had enough of the extremely talented, as well as volatile, J.R. Smith.

The 24 year old is in the final year of a deal set to pay him $6.03 million this year. With his immense skills set and talent level, he’ll have more than a few teams willing to take a gamble on him. And he’ll have an equal grouping that will pass on him because of his attitude issues.

In regards to the talents and skills of J.R. Smith, he’s easily a top ten shooting guard if the game was solely based on ability. You can literally count on both hands the number of players who can do the things he can with a basketball. Heck, there are players considered better than him that doesn’t have the talents and skills of Smith.

Yet his problems lie with his attitude and maturity issues. And though they aren’t as bad as they were two years ago, they still tend to rear their ugly head ever once and a while…especially when Smith isn’t happy with his playing time.

Smith was a starter early in his career and hasn’t been shy in making it known that he wants to return to such a role.

With that said. Here are the top five teams he has a chance at becoming a starter for... CLICK HERE TO READ COMPLETE ARTICLE